These are the people you are guaranteed to meet at the casino – are they familiar?

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Get too caught up in the fantasy world of the silver screen, and you could be forgiven for thinking that casinos are full of incredibly debonair men and impossibly beautiful women. Unfortunately, the truth is never quite the same as the movies. For every Mr Bond, there are ten Mr Beans, and for every Julia Roberts – well, you get the idea.

Spinning to win at the casino or online

The strange thing is that the fantasy persists, however, and more people than you might realise are actually reluctant to venture into a casino because they feel they will not fit in, or they will make fools of themselves in such sophisticated company. Thankfully, technology means you can visit a casino anywhere in the world without leaving your front room. Online casinos actually make lots of sense – lower operating costs mean a reduced house edge, and that translates to a better chance of winning.

Having said that, however, there is nothing like the unique experience of a real casino, and the fun, but certainly not intimidating, people you will encounter there. Here are five archetypal characters you will be certain to meet in every casino.

Superstitious Sandy

Casino games are a blend of luck and skill, and the trick is to understand the mathematical probabilities behind the luck and hone your strategy on the skill. But you will always see a character who is determined to influence the luck with all sorts of superstitious routines. He might kiss his chips, say a little prayer, carry his rabbits foot and wear his lucky socks.

High Rolling Ruby

Watch closely and you will see some gamblers who seem to come in every night with a huge stash of cash. Sometimes they win big, and sometimes they blow it all. To the High Rolling Rubies of this world, that doesn’t even seem to matter much – for them, there’s always tomorrow.

Flash Harry

We mentioned earlier that the casino isn’t really full of James Bond and Danny Ocean types. But you can always bet on seeing one or two who are trying to act the part. Some of them are pretty good at it, too, oozing charm and sophistication.

Old Time Tom

This guy looks like he was born in the casino – or perhaps it was built around him. He seems like part of the furniture, and will always be willing to offer a word of advice to anyone who asks. After all, he’s been there and done it all – just don’t expect him to get involved in the modern video games.

Captivating Croupier Kate

Like the punters, the staff in a casino come in all shapes, sizes and ages too. But there is always one croupier that all the guys fall a little bit in love with, and all the girls are slightly in awe of. Whether it is her captivating smile or her infectious laugh, there’s just something about her, and you know her table is always going to be the busiest.