What They Didn’t Tell You On How To Play Poker With Your Friends

Your friends decide it’s about time you guys had a poker night. You think it’s a good idea but watch out.You might have played poker for years but it’s obvious playing with your friends is different from playing at your regular casino. Take note of these two things and you are good to go.

Who is at your poker table?

If you and your friends are all pro poker players, you will have an easy time playing. But what are the chances of that happening? In most of these friends’ poker games, there is always that friend or friend’s friend who has never played bet365 poker before. They basically know nothing (except that you use cards to play). Most of the time you will find yourself with average poker players; those who know the rules and have played a little but their skills are not as good. Basically just study your friends so that you know how to play. For example, if none of them is a pro like you do not play such a complex game. Your complex skills will not be appreciated here. If all of you are basically at the same level, play your best.

It’s never that serious!

Poker concepts and tips

You do not want to end up losing all your friends at the end of the night. Win and lose graciously. Try your best not be too aggressive in your playing or one of your friends will take offence. This is not a game where your main goal is to win, you are playing to have fun with your friends. Remember that.

Make the games flexible enough to make room for everyone to enjoy. For example, you can play for chips instead of money. Though you should know poker games involving money are less relaxed and, people play recklessly. You can also allow players to rebuy even pretty late in the game.

All the best at your next poker game with your friends.

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